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・EN↔JP translation

​・EN↔JP translation review


・Script adaptation

・Studio resource booking

・Talent booking

・Schedule management

・Recording session supervision


・Localization testing and reporting

​・Bug fix/revision advising


・Translation quality evaluation

・Font and style evaluation

・Cultural and local sensitivity consultation

Here at Bonus Stage Loc, we love a challenge. 
If your project requires something that isn't listed above,

please contact us.

Game Console
Working with Laptop

CERO rating

Application for rating through CERO, the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization, is often an essential part of releasing games in Japan.


As registered CERO members, we can handle every stage of the application process on your behalf. 

Game Console


For many indie developers, finding the right publisher is hard enough without the added headache of a language barrier. 

At Bonus Stage, we have developed relationships with some of the best, most trustworthy indie publishers in the world. If you're looking for a publisher, we're happy to help.

Need more details? Contact us!

Shoot us an email for questions, more info, or a quote.

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