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Yuhei Nasu

CEO/Localization Producer

codename: nasuboy

currently playing 🎮 Street Fighter 6

A game localization veteran with over 15 years worth of experience, Yuhei Nasu has been instrumental in the Japanese localization of some of gaming’s biggest franchises. Following his time as a Localization Producer at Electronic Arts, Yuhei founded Bonus Stage Loc in 2019 to better address the rapidly evolving demands of game localization across AA, AAA, and Indie titles. Born in Japan, but raised in England, Germany and the U.S, Yuhei approaches every project with a unique, international insight.


Andy Kavanagh

Translator/Business Operations

codename: andyk

currently playing 🎮 Final Fantasy XVI

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Andy graduated from Trinity College with a BA in Music and spent 5 years in the television industry as a writer, presenter, composer and actor. In 2014, his passion for gaming brought him to Japan where he has since worked as a translator and editor on a wide variety of gaming and manga projects, as well as an English lyric consultant, translator, and pronunciation coach for Universal Music Japan.


Kenta Kobayashi

Translator/Localization Tester


currently playing 🎮 Mega Man Battle Network 3

Guided towards becoming a student of the English language by his passion for soccer and British rock bands, Kenta brings a homegrown yet outward-looking perspective to all his projects. With intricate knowledge of Japanese media and pop-culture, his presence is often invaluable to getting projects

across the finish line.


Joe Everitt

Localization Producer

codename: snowyjoe

currently playing 🎮 Disney's Dreamlight Valley

With experience as a translator, voice actor, director, and interpreter, Joe Everitt has spent his career honing his skills in both the gaming and film industries across a wide range of disciplines. Having spent most of his life in New Zealand, Singapore, and Fiji, Joe returned to Japan to put his skills to good use and has since made a name for himself as a key figure in the industry.


Tomoya Nasu

Translator/Localization Tester

codename: Tom

currently playing 🎮 Blue Protocol

Born in Germany, raised in Chicago, Los Angeles and Tokyo, Tomoya spent most of his life navigating and adapting to the cultural and linguistic differences between Japan and the wider world. As a lifelong avid gamer, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to everything he works on.

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