Yuhei Nasu

CEO/Localization Producer

codename: nasuboy

currently playing 🎮 Dead Cells

A veteran of the game localization industry with 12 years of experience under his belt, most recently as a Localization Producer for EA. Born in Japan and raised in England, Germany and the U.S., Yuhei returned to Japan in 2006 to pursue a career in localization. Yuhei has had a healthy(?) obsession with video games since he received his first Game Boy at the age of 5. When he's not gaming, Yuhei spends his time on music and skateboarding.


Joe Everitt

Localization Producer

codename: snowyjoe

currently playing 🎮 Until We Die

50% Japanese, 50% Kiwi, 100% gamer. Joe spent 5 years in the film industry and his most recent stint was at Epic Games. Joe loves being in the middle of the action, which is why he has experience as a voice actor, director, and interpreter, but also as a translator and tester. Born in Japan, raised internationally in New Zealand, Singapore, and Fiji, but came back to Japan because that's where all the good games are. 


Yui Ikegawa

Localization Producer

codename: pikachyui

currently playing 🎮 Apex Legends

New York born and raised, Yui relocated to Japan after university to pursue a career in the Japanese entertainment industry. First an agent at a voice talent agency and then a project manager at a global video game localization studio, Yui has experience localizing both from Japanese to English and vice versa. She usually prefers music and racing games, but has recently decided to challenge the world of FPS...


Andy Kavanagh

Business Operations & Localization Director

codename: andyk

currently playing 🎮 Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Andy was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. After graduating from 
Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Music, Andy spent 5 years in the Irish television industry as a writer, presenter, producer, composer, and actor. In his free time, Andy likes to produce and perform music (his music has even been in a game!) and play classic JRPGs. 
Andy moved to Japan in 2014 to pursue his dream of composing music for Final Fantasy, but he'd settle for having a chocobo named after him.